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Проць Б.Г., Кагало О.О. Скрильніков Д.В. Плани конвергенції директив Європейського Союзу щодо охорони природи в Україні. - Львів: Ліга Пресс. 2017...

Dutch-Ukrainian cooperation on forest certification supports balanced forestry in Ukraine

Koriyenko V. P. State Forestry Committee of Ukraine, Buksha I.F., Bondaruk H. V., URIFFM, Mark N. A. van Bathem, Probos Foundation


Forest certification today is seen as an effective tool for balanced development (sustainable and not exhausting) of forest recourses management and ensuring of a balance between environmental, social and economic needs of society. Many countries are carrying about issues of forest certification development today and there are an amount of national and international forest certification schemes. Forest certification in Ukraine began to develop largely due to initiatives of foreign partners, although the role of Ukrainian players in this field is growing recently, international cooperation still is an important factor in the development of forest certification for our country.

In 2006 began The Dutch-Ukrainian Project “Promoting balanced forestry in Ukraine” financed by Government of The Netherlands. The Project is supported by State Forestry Committee of Ukraine and is implementing by a consortium that includes Dutch companies FORM International and Probos Foundation which work on the order of the Netherlands Government… (Full article)


The Concept of sustainable forestry development in the context of international and national forest policy


Syniakevych I. M. - Head of the Department of economics and management of forest enterprises in the Ukrainian State Forestry University


The Concept of sustainable forestry development was proclaimed in The UN International Conference in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. Main provisions of the Concept are reflected in such documents as "Agenda 21" and "Forest – principled statement". These documents declare that all countries should participate in the Earth gardening by planting and preserving forests; all countries should have the right to use forests for their social and economic development through the national forest policy which is acceptable for sustainable development principles, and to create stable production and consumption structures which provide environmental forests exploitation; exploitation of forestsshould be aimed at meeting the social, economic, environmental, cultural and spiritual needs of present and future generations; national programs of forestry development should protect unique forests which have cultural, spiritual, historical and religious value; to support those countries which promote creation of new forests and protection of old ones; to ensure a planning of environmentally safe forestry management; to involve indigenous peoples, governmental and nongovernmental organizations to the planning; forest products trade should be non-discriminatory (to facilitate wood manufacturing on the ground); to achieve a control of pollution that cause damage to the forests… (Full article)


Forest certification standards: what they are to be in Ukraine?


P. Kravets, the Project coordinator, doctorate at the department of forest management of NAU, Kyiv.


Forest sustainable management issues in Ukraine are attracting more and more attention not only among scientists and forest industry workers, but also among nongovernmental organizations, ecologists, pedagogues and timber merchants. Such interest can’t stay out of attention of international institutes and organizations supporting projects for sustainable forest management. As an example there is just started project for development of national forest certification standards which is financed by the World Bank and the World Wide Fund for Nature.

Previous articles of “Woodworker” newspaper relate about theoretical and practical aspects of forest certification. Development of national forest certification standards take a special place in coordinates system of any certification scheme... (Full article)