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Проць Б.Г., Кагало О.О. Скрильніков Д.В. Плани конвергенції директив Європейського Союзу щодо охорони природи в Україні. - Львів: Ліга Пресс. 2017...

Forest areas that are important centers of biodiversity at the global, national or regional levels

This category will include the territories in which the concentration, including seasonal concentration, of species, specified in Appendices 3-7, reaches or exceeds the relevant thresholds, and the areas of “State Cadastre for Protected Areas” (the last summary).

Any forest, in which the species are identified as HCV (High Conservation Value), or places that are important for the long survival of these species will have a status HCVF (High Conservation Value Forests). Here belong also forests with many species that are threatened or endangered, or rare, or endemic species belonging to the “hot” points of biodiversity. In some cases it may even be a solitary species that are considered sufficiently important in order to forest area could have the status of HCV.

However, there are many forests, which, despite of the presence of rare species, will have no status HCVF because the concentrations of these species do not exceed the relevant threshold values. In such forests economy should have been running in accordance with the current regulatory framework, as they are not HCVF.

Since there are several ways to identify the values associated with biodiversity, this category consists of three sub-categories:

  • HCV 1.1. Protected areas;
  • HCV 1.2. Species that are threatened, endangered and endemic species;
  • HCV 1.3. Key sites of the animal concentration.

(Source: High conservation value forests: determination and management. (A practical guide for Ukraine))